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We’re talking to a company called singingworks, about doing some singing at work. We’d like to get everyone standing shoulder to shoulder, facing the same direction, making music and having some fun. Singingworks want to help us find our voice. This is a one minute clip of them doing their thing. They do Rock, Opera, Gospel, Musical Theatre.

They’ve sung with stars like Elton John, at Covent Garden, in West End Musicals..….. now they want to sing with US……including those of us who think we can’t. We all have a voice. Let's put our voices together and raise the roof.

If enough of us want to try it they’ll come in and give us a free introductory session. If you can register your interest with them here by [DATE] we’ll organise it. Thanks,

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This is them

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If you want to know more: heatherphillips@singingworks.co.uk

or call Heather on 0208 858 8080 or visit www.singingworks.co.uk